"...I thought it was AMAZING! One of my favorite things I liked about it was
the moral: 'We all have giants in our lives, and that we need to continue on when they leave.' Some of the giants in my life are my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, cousins, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Something else I liked about the story was teaching us that we can do hard things. It gave me faith and knowledge that I can be a giant. Best of all, I just loved the entire story and I can't wait for the other two! Thanks for the book and keep it up!"

(Megan A. age 11)

"I enjoyed the book immensely. I read it like a kid in grade school again, but marveled at the message like a GIANT ADULT. It may be in a target market for 7-15 year olds, but I think that is selling it Short so to speak in a Land Lacking more Giants.. Everyone should read it! Some will accept it, Some Need it, Some will not understand it, But it may help inspire that " ONE " Who doesn't know it!"

(Erin Bronson)

"I thoroughly enjoyed this story. ...Along his journey, he learns valuable lessons, as do we...This book touches on what happens when we are sheltered too long, and how we can become. It stressed to me that my new path of dropping the worry ball is the way to go. It is a fun and quick read. It is a great story and a fun journey to follow along, but you will learn lessons as you read."


"...I believe that there are some great morals to the story: we tend to learn to rely on giants in our lives, yet someday we must learn to walk on our own, we can always return to our family, and to follow the Lord's leading."

(Ariana G. age 12)

“I recently read 'The Way of Things, Book One of Giants in the Land'... and could not put it down! Filled with suspense, drama, and tender romance, the story quickly engages the reader. The book is designed to target the teen market, but as is the case with many teen books, adults will enjoy it too. I especially like the moral lesson in the book--that of having 'giants' in our lives. ... As a Christian, I believe that God puts 'giants' in our lives to mentor us and help us with difficult tasks. That’s what the body of Christ is all about. I had several mentors or giants, if you will, in my life as I was growing up. Now I am mentoring young moms as they face the daily challenges of raising children. God, of course, is our ultimate Giant, but I believe He places people in our lives to help us along life's journey. This book not only has some good moral lessons, it is also a good read. Adults and teens alike can read it for the deeper meanings that lie within the story, or read it because it is entertaining. It is certainly a refreshing change from the vampire and wizard books that have been filling the bookshelves for the past decade. Thank you, Clark! I hope there will be many more to follow!” (Crystal Bowman--best-selling children's author, national speaker, and MOPS Mentor)

"Mr. Burbidge takes us on a journey. A journey even a child can understand. When we're suddenly faced with the pain of separation from a giant that helped mold us into who we are, he teaches us to keep persevering into what we can become. In honor of the giants. Written in an easy, chapter book format, this is a quick read that will teach younger children and adults the importance of perseverance and continuing on when we're faced with a life...without the giants who have helped us."

(Amanda Stephan www.booksbyamanda.com/3/archives/07-2012/1.htm)

"Tweenies will love this book about giants. Full of action and adventure. The book is all about finding the giant in us all; having hope, courage and faith to be all you can be."


"When I first saw this book, I thought it would be a book for my son, who is eleven. But then I read a little bit about it and decided to give a try. Giants in the Land is about a village of hard workers who have always depended on someone else for protection and extra work. But what happens when suddenly those you depend on vanish? The main character, Thomas takes the lead and goes on a journey that will help him discover what he and his people really need! Courage, strength and determination! This book is an easy read and I enjoyed it. I like the author, Clark Burbidge’s writing style and am looking forward to more books!"

(Anne Crane http://mommyhastowork.com)

"Giants in the Land, Book One-The Way of Things series by Clark Rich Burbidge, is an interesting chapter book for kids. The giants represent someone in your life that has helped or guided you, and now suddenly they are no longer there and you must fend for yourself. The main character Thomas must go on a journey of self-discovery as he looks for the missing giants. The book is well written and the illustrations by Karl C. Hepworth are wonderful and tie in perfectly with the story. Even though the book is written for children, adults can still enjoy reading this tale too. I recommend Giants in the Land to all readers."

(Billy Burgess, blogger)

"Giants in the land is an easy to read chapter book, great for kids and adults alike, especially for story time at night. Burbidge has created a story that is filled with lessons we all must learn someday. Specifically this book deals with what happens when you lose someone who you have relied on and trusted and having to find a way to continue on. Burbidge has an easy to understand writing style that will capture your attention and bring you into the story, paired with the illustrations of Hepworth this is a great book for all ages, and would be an ideal book for young boys when trying to find something to read."

(Elle @ http://organicshoes.wordpress.com/contact/)

"What a cute book! My son and I enjoyed reading this together. However, as I read it, I felt like I had read it before…And it hit me, change the names a bit, and you have “Pilgrim’s Progress”. This book echoed “Pilgrim’ Progress” very much. I enjoyed reading “Pilgrim’s Progress” aloud, so this one was just as enjoyable. It had mystery, and adventure, along with the life lessons that make any book an instant classic.

“Giants in The Land” is appropriate for nearly any age, and as a read aloud, or read alone. It is easy to follow, and easy to get into."


"...I enjoyed this book- it has a nice message. It is written kind of like a parable with an underlying Christian theme of God and seeking out truth. I liked the message it portrayed of a giant not being measured by his stature, but by the size of his heart. It also talked about the different "giants" we have in our lives and how they have helped us along the way. In the book, the giants leave the town and the people have to learn to do things on their own, just as we have to learn to be strong and survive, too. Then, once we have learned these lessons, we can be a guide to others. The book has a nice message and I will look for the rest of the series when they come out in the future."

(Karyn Tripp http://teachbesideme.blogspot.com/)

"Giants in the Land was a great book! It is a quick and easy read and enjoyable to a great age range! I adored Thomas and the journey that he went on and found some life lessons that make this book one that will stand the test of time! I really did not have a hard time getting into it and found it was also a great book to read when busy with the kids and needed some well-deserved me time. Which honestly with us halfway into the summer holidays is often. 🙂 If you’re looking for a book to read this summer I really do recommend it! We are never too old to learn life lessons and Thomas teaches us a very important one! Buy your own copy and one for a friend. This is definitely a book you will want to share!"


"When you think of giants in a story, you may imagine big, scary giants who we fear. In Giants in the Land, they represent the people who protect us, guide us and are always there for us. We all know those people in our lives, and many of us have lost a giant. This is a difficult and painful loss, one that I can relate to. I have read a few children’s books in my book reviewing career, but this is the first book that I’ve read that helps children (and adults) deal with these issues and how to move forward in the face of loss. This book was so well written and the story was so interesting, I know that kids will be entertained while learning a valuable lesson. I think of myself as a big kid, and I think I always will, so I found this book very entertaining and I know that parents and their children will enjoy spending some quality time together reading Giants in the Land. I applaud the author for writing such a good story that will entertain and educate. This is the first book in a trilogy and I look forward to reading the next book in the series."

(Carly Kendall http://www.carlybirdshome.blogspot.com/)

"Author Clark Rich Burbidge weaves a wonderful fantasy tale in which honor, bravery, and loyalty save the day! A delightful read for any age, Giants in the Land will have you rooting for Thomas during his adventures to distant lands on a dangerous quest. Encountering many challenges along the way, Thomas demonstrates great wisdom and courage in order to help his village through a very difficult crisis...An action packed journey from start to finish, Giants in the Land will leave you sitting on edge. Kudos to Burbidge for crafting a male lead truly worthy of role model status...I find the integrity of Thomas’ character a refreshing change to the overabundance of self-centered and impulsive protagonists pushed on the market today. Parents, gather your children before bed, snuggle up under the covers, and enjoy reading this delightful tale to your children."

(Susan http://susandelano.wordpress.com/)